Membership System:

  • Honorary membership, for whom the society is proud to be member in it for a distinguished universities professors in their specializations, have role in the scientific activities in and abroad. Those members give the moral and material support for different activities of the associations. They have no right to nominate for board of directors membership and not attending the general assembly meetings.

Joint Member shipment:

  • The society agrees the membership of specialized physicians in the field of x-ray diagnosis, who have close relationship with the scientific and educational activities of the association. All have the right of the effective members, but they don't have the right to nominate for membership board and attend the general assembly meetings.

Work Member Shipment:

  • The association agrees the membership for all, who have the complete membership conditions from specialized physicians in x-ray diagnosis from the inland and abroad after the approval of the board of directors. These members have the right to attend general assembly, also have the right to nominate for board of directors in case they fulfill all qualifications due that.

Annual Subscription:

  • 150 LE (On hundred & Fifty LE) to be paid annually in February each year, in addition 50 LE as membership fee to be paid for one time.

End of Member Shipment:

The membership lapses due the following reasons:

  •  Withdraw or death.
  • Not paying the annual subscription through February each year.
  • Do any work or activity which leads to harm the association